She never stops.

This is a story about a woman so passionate about becoming a scientist nothing in life could stop her. Her journey is a lesson and an inspiration to many women struggling through a never ending battle of career and family. She's proud to share her misadventures to move the needle forward and empower women in science.

Director | Cinematographer | Editor

About the making

A week before my graduation I met Dr Meg Lowman at a TREE Foundation talk. She said she loves trees and I said I love making movies. Just a few hours later I got an email from her to join her through her next expedition in the Amazon, Peru. With a help of few generous individuals  I got enough funding to go the the Amazon and film Meg in her natural habitat i.e. canopy walkways. It was a great experience to learn about her inventions, strengths, weakness, fears as she shared her life's story with me. 


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